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Minikane Doll, Anaïs

219.00 ₪

Anaïs is part of the 'United Tribe of Minikane' family. She has blond curly hair, blue/grey eyes, subtle vanilla scent and is small enough for your little one to hold, dress and carry. 

Minikane Exclusive dolls are made by doll manufacturer Paola Reina in Alicante, Spain, using the highest quality materials, eco-friendly and non-toxic vinyl and are BPA-Free and Phthalate free. The hair on Paola Reina dolls is styled by hand, their facial features are hand-painted. The doll’s arms, head and legs turn, so you can put her in standing and sitting positions.

Clothing sold separately


3 years+
34 cm
Material Non-toxic vinyl, BPA-Free and Phthalate free. Vanilla-scented