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Temporary tattoos - Flowers & Flying Friends

39.00 ₪

Cute temporary tattoos for kids. Beautiful birds and flowers in pink from originals painted in watercolor.

1. Peel away the clear plastic layer.
2. Apply the tattoo face-down on your skin.
3. Cover with a wet cloth for 15 secs.
4. Peel away the paper backing and voila!

The temporary tattoos last 2-7 days and sometimes even longer depending on the type of your skin, where you place the tattoo and on how careful you are.

When producing Mrs Mighetto Tattoos they only work with decal (press-on) water-transfer temporary tattoos that use pigments that have been approved for cosmetics.
A safe temporary tattoo option for both children and adults.

The temporary tattoos are safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. They use a time-proven manufacturing process that ensures their products meet or exceed all applicable requirements in Europe and USA.

Warning: Do not use the tattoo near eyes, on sensitive skin or if you are allergic to skin adhesive.